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VVB Problem addressing the first few calls on the day

Level 1
Level 1

Hi All,

We are migrating to CVP 11.6, we observed that if we make a test call to the application after some time gap, the application doesn't get launched/invoked unless we do couple of test calls. Example, if I don't dial the TFN for 2 - 3 hours and then later when we dial the TFN, the first 3 - 4 calls don't get landed on vxmlserver, after making a couple of test calls the application is invoked properly. Did anyone face  this kind of issue ? Are there any cache configurations/settings that needs to be enabled ?

Thanks in advance

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Used on dCloud to overcome the same sort of problems when things go idle.  Thought it might be of use to people with similar issues so just documented/posted it.

Thank you for sharing this.

Does this happen if there's no activity in VVB for a particular application (i.e. TFN/application 1 is busy but TFN 2/application 2 isn't), or if VVB overall isn't getting any calls?

Also, do you know if there is a defect/TAC case open on it that you can share?

Yes, it happens when we do  not dial the application for a certain amount of time.

We did not reach out to TAC  yet.

Hi Scope, but when you say the application, do you mean the VVB overall, or specific VXML application, if no calls have come through recently? Like if one application is consistently getting calls, but another one isn't that busy, you could still have this issue?

Hi Bill,

Apologies for confusion. Yes, I mean the VVB overall.

Hi "Scope Future".

To find the root cause of what is happening, I would look at the VVB logs.

you might also need to look at the CVP Call Server and possiby the VXML server logs.

Wait for X hours of no calls.

Log into VVB server.

Run the following command to see which is the current Active MIVR file.

file view activelog uccx/log/MIVR/Cisco001MIVR.index

the run this command to view the log file in real time (update the XXX with the info from above command, e.g. 015).

file tail activelog uccx/log/MIVR/Cisco001MIVRxxx.log

Then see if you can see why you have the problem (by making the first call for a while).

Is it a audio wav file caching issue or a connection to a database etc. or something fundamental with VVB.

e.g. does the same problem happen with the HelloWorld application (which is really simply)?