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VVB11.0 and Nuance Grammars returning multiple slots

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I'm trying to test Virtual VB 11.0 and Nuance 10 - with a Studio Form element pointing to a custom external grammar  that returns multiple slots into element data (using the SlotElementData settings).

This works fine when I use the IOS VB.

But when I use the VVB it doesn't seem to parse out the return values. 

Is this a bug?


Activity Log when using IOS VB:

Form_getCity,data,nbestInterpretation1,+city:Boston+SWI_grammarName:session:field6070@field.grammar+address:100 Mass Ave +state:MA+SWI_literal:boston+SWI_meaning:{address:100 Mass Ave city:Boston state:MA}


Form_getCity,data,address1,100 Mass Ave



Activity Log when using the Virtual VB:

Form_getCity,data,nbestInterpretation1,[object ScriptableObjectImpl]


The grammar:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<grammar version="1.0" xml:lang="en-US" root="root" mode="voice" xmlns="" >

    <rule id="root" scope="public">


            <item> <tag> address='100 Mass Ave'; city='Boston'; state='MA';</tag> boston </item> 

           <item> <tag> address='First Ave'; city='Phoenix'; state='AZ';</tag> phoenix</item>  





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Gerry O'Rourke
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I would not do any testing with VVB 11.0, it is likely a bit buggy.

I would use VVB 11.5 with latest ES and this is supported on CVP 11.0 and CVP 11.5

you need a specific ES on CVP 11.0 to support it.



I'm now using VVB11.5 and still have the same problem with External Nuance Grammars that return multiple slots aren't working correctly. Instead of VXMLServer creating element data with the slot names followed by a 1, I'm getting only nbestInterpretation1 with the value [object scriptableObjectImpl1]

The grammar works just fine with the IOS VB.

Is there a specific patch to fix this?

HI Janine,

I am having exactly the same issue with Nuance 10 and VVB 11.5, latest patches installed.

Wondering what is going on and how am I supposed to migrate off the IOS VXML GW if VVB does not work

You may have to submit a trouble ticket with TAC. I'm not a cisco

employee or regular customer, so I can't submit trouble tickets.

That’s what I did already thanks for the follow up.

Did you manage to get this working? If so, what was the resolution as I am facing the exact same problem.

I Had this resolved with the BU involved eventually. They had given me what they call friendly patch which made my grammar working. You need to wait for the ES that will be released this month and this patch will be in there officially.


Thanks for your reply, do you have bug id for this?


Got Bug ID from TAC, it is: CSCvf57695

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