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VXML Calls Failure


We have CVP 9 ,some times calls exit from X of runExtrnalScript Node on the ICM Script and stuck on the VXML server for 5 min(CVP application session timeout value).

As we expect that some times we will have slowness in response of DB that we are integrating with on our custom CVP application  we are handling the 3 types of Bad Fetch Error

  1. error.badfetch
  2. error.badfetch.http.401
  3. error.badfetch.http.404

We need your assistance to know what causing the call to drop and to stuck on VXML server even for more that 5 min although:

  1. We are not receiving any of this 3 events
  2. We guaranty that we will have response from the backend in 15 Sec
  3. We set fetchtimeout =120s to guaranty that Gateway will wait for 2 mins before terminate the call.
  4. We set CVP application Session Timeout=5 min.
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Rising star
Rising star

This is what I call a Vxml Server 'hung' license and shouldn't really 'ever' occur. It indicates a bug in the gateway or Vxml Server, or in the communication between them.

a) There's a bad version of the gateway software C3900e-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.2(4)M5, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2).  causing  bug # CSCul03432.

Are you using that version on the vxml gateway? If so, you should switch.

b) If not, then you should look in the application logs to find the Session ID for the calls that display Session Timeout. And perhaps post that portion of the log for a few calls. Also see if there's an error log with that same Session ID. The Session ID is the number at the beginning of each line in the Activity Log.

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