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Webex Contact Center - Disconnecting 2nd leg of Conference Cal

We have Agent 1 who answers an inbound call but needs an interpreter. Agent 1 presses Consult and dials (external) to a 3rd party interpreter company. When Agent 1 gets the language interpreter agent, they press Conference. The interpreter finds out where the caller wants to be transferred to, but Agent 1 cannot disconnect the interpreter agent and resume the call ONLY with the inbound caller (to then transfer the caller to the correct destination).

In the above scenario, does Agent 1 have to tell the interpreter agent to hang up so the call remains tied to the inbound customer? At that point, does Agent 1 have the ability to again use the Consult button in order to transfer the caller to the correct destination?


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For WebexCC, are you using the RTMS or non-RTMS enabled configuration? They have different capabilities and I'm guessing this type of disconnecting leg behavior might not be the same.

Apologies, but I'm not sure what RTMS vs non-RTMS means. We have a UCM that the CSF profiles are registered to, and moving from on-prem UCCX/Finesse (with softphone agents) to WxCC. I hope that helps clear it up? Thanks.

Hi, so there are two main "flavors" of WebexCC (three if you include the version 1.0 that is going away).
Some of the newer installs are using the RTMS version of WebexCC, whereas some of the existing users are using the non-RTMS version of WebexCC. If you look in control hub of WebexCC, it should show you what you have. This issue may be common for both, but since RTMS allows for some different capabilities than non-RTMS, you'd probably need to confirm that first.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hey ,

Do you not see the End Conference option in the Agent Desktop when they are in a conference?

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 11.22.54.png

Agent 1 should have the option in their desktop to end the conference and continue the interaction with the inbound caller, after which they can use the Consult/Transfer option to transfer to any party (not the the previously conferenced interpreter).

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