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WebEx Contact Center Session IDs



I'm trying to track down if WebEx CC has Session IDs I can pull to link multiple Agent Contacts to 1 overall customer session.

Example Call: Customers calls in and is transferred from Agent A -> Agent B -> Agent C before hanging up.

I'm currently using the "Search" Graphql API, and specifically referencing this query: 

I had our client make test call like the example call above and it only came back as one record instead of 3 separate records.

2 Accepted Solutions

Accepted Solutions

Arunabh Bhattacharjee
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi @BlakeR 

Yes, the task and taskDetail objects under search are aggregates.

We are working on publishing a new type of object that will give you call legs. Will post on this thread once there is an updated ETA and when it is available for testing.

To answer your query - all call sessions are tracked by the unique taskId = callSessionId = interactionId = is the ID of that interaction and remains constant for the entire lifecycle of the call.

When you retrieve a call recording you will use the same identifier.

Now regarding the new callLeg object, it is still in the works - will post once you're able to separate the call legs and obtain separate aggregates. The API does not support that today - you will only get the finalQueue = lastQueue Id and name 


Thanks & Regards,


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Update: The ETA for the new object types (Call Legs, Call Activities, etc) is some time in January (tentative, subject to change based on testing).


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