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what is required to achieve the following requirement from client on ccx

hi guys,

i will be building an new ccx and here is the following requirements that need to be met.  all i want to know is how to achieve them.  do i need any other third party app to achieve this or can i do all within ccx using scripting?


1. transferring a customer from one agent to another while maintaining the customer information.


2. ability to provide differentiated service levels to top customers.  

   i am guessing this can be achieved by bumping up the priority level of calls based on ANI? anything else you can think of?

3. ability for an account team to be engaged one the customer open a case so the account team can be aware of the progress.  (sounds like i would need some CRM.? if so what owuld that be..sales force?)


thank you.

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Re: what is required to achieve the following requirement from client on ccx

1) No scripting needed, just transfer the call

2) Priorities are the way to go here, and can be done in scripting, but you'll have to ask yourself where you'll pull the list of VIP callers from E.g., Web Server, DB, local CSV, etc.

3) I don't understand this requirement. Can you give an example?

Anthony Holloway

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