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Which agents are logged in now?

Hi All;

Is there any possibility to know (from script) the currently logged in agents? If yes, how can I store their agent id in a variables to be passed for the store procedure (via the odbc)?

This is possible via CRS or should be via the ICM?

Any help?



Mark Pareja

Yes from within you can retrieve a number of currently logged in agents, and theoretically you can retrieve their Enterprise Names. however this is very inefficient, If you wish to playback the agent name that your being routed to or make an external ODBC call then this should take place prior to routing the call to the agent and after the call has been Queued. If you are only looking for this information for reporting and analysis purposes then it is strongly reccomended that you use the AW Real-Time DB to view this information.

Furthermore if your looking to create a audiable reporting application via CRS then you should have CRS query the AW-RealTime DB and extract the data from there.

I personally have had great success with the last method.

Thanks alot for your kindly email and reply.

I was need to know how many agents logged in and whom these agents because I have an call back application, so when caller in queue and selected to be called back, I will capture that selection and then I will do write to extenal DB via ODBC (using DB functions in the CRS).

Now as the RealTimeDB existed at AW contains the needed data: which agents are logged in, how many calls in the queue existed now, average call duration, and what was the queue position of the specific caller that requested to be called back that we know his number, ...) these data are required to know when and to which agent the alert should be sent (we have an CRM application, so we can send alerts to agents about specific things, like calling back and so on).

The critical issue if it is available in the real time database the information about the queue position of the caller (even after the caller hanged up the call), if this information not existed in the real time data base, then I we need to know how can we get the caller position in the queue from the CRS script (when caller select to be called back, then we have to use a function that returns its queue position), that if it is not existed in the real time db at AW.

Also, it will be greate from you if you give me a link that can help me to know the real time database of IPCCE 7.2 so I can check what it contains.

Your kindly help is high appreciated.

Any advise?



I believe this is what your looking for, great developer tool . . .

Database Schema Handbook Cisco ICM/IPCC Enterprise

Let me know if this helps

Thanks a lot for the greate help and nice link.

In that link, I found a good data that I need it, but I did not find one thing:

I need to know the position in the queue of the queued call? How? What is the CRS command that can do this?



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