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Whisper Coaching

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Dear Team,


I want to configure the Whisper coaching feature in a Finesse Gadget. and as far as I know, this feature is not based on REST APIs, and you need to write application for whisper i.e. web service. 

Appreciate if someone can guide me through building the web service code so that i will be able to call it through a finesse gadget.


Thank you

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Hi Paul, would you happen to know why this feature doesn't make it into the Finesse updates?

This has come up during several roadmap sessions with Cisco in the past, and they typically seem surprised that people ask for it, yet some of the recording vendors offer it and it can be popular.

It isn't like the functionality doesn't exist, Finesse already offers the silent monitoring and the barge in capabilities, this just seems like the natural missing piece.


I agree totally that it's a natural missing piece from Finesse and CTI server along with recording control and it's been on my personal feature request list for EMEAR region for years.  I can't offer an explanation other than not enough people asked loudly enough to get it higher up in priority.   As you'll see from the code it's not that difficult; it really should have been added (Paul's personal opinion).



Have been able to solve your requirement.

If not and are open to 3rd party solutions ,please check out Parsec's MARS Silent Monitor & Whishper Coach solution for Cisco CUCM / UCCX / UCCE / PCCE.

Check out following URL :

Attached is an application write up.

For more details you can write to


Andreas Stuber
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Level 4

Hello, @touma.kayal , we provide a finished product for the same: