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Whisper tone in CRS 4.0(5) it possible?

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Level 1

I have a simple script created that gathers digits and checks them against a XML file to see if they are valid and if so transfers the caller to a MeetMe conference call that has been turned on from the inside.

That portion of the script is working just fine but they would like to have a way for the caller to record their name and then have it played to the MeetMe bridge which is where the whisper tone concept comes into play. This point is where I have an issue.

CRS just does a blind transfer of the call. I have another script where a caller can choose an option to leave a message and then it is placed into another queue for an agent to receive. I just don't think that will do any good since I don't want it sent to CRS again but rather on to CCM and the MeetMe call.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Level 1
Level 1

Are you using Unity? If so, you can have IPCC transfer the call into a Unity callhandler and have Unity collect the users name and then have Unity do a supervised transfer into the meet-me conference.

Let me make sure I'm on the same page. Change the script up a little bit where the MeetMe number entered actually goes to a different number that is a Call Handler on Unity. From there have the caller record their name and then after the message is taken do a supervised transfer of the call to another Call Handler that does nothing but supervise transfer to the appropriate MeetMe number.

Is that what you're saying?