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AMA-CUCM Troubleshooting: Best Practices for Reading Trace Files

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Why vvb, if centralised telco

We are facing a choice between continuing in-house ucce and a cloud based call centre 


1,All telco circuits are centralised calls

2,Sites are remote from each other 

3,Centralised ucce in DC


Cloudbase call centre 


1,Calls via Internet links 

2 Centralised inbound calls


We have previously deployed vvb local where we have local telco circuits still


In my eyes if we remove the local vvb and locals telco and implement soft phone from a infrastructure point of view it offers the same 


In my eyes the local vvb provides the following 

1,Queing at the edge

2,No announcements over the wan 

3,Local redundancy but only due to the local telco circuits -

If we remove the vvb. what would we lose?




Re: Why vvb, if centralised telco

I think your question is pretty big. You mention moving VVB, but unless you have a unique setup, your audio files are on CVP. Also, what other components do you have in place (ASR/TTS for instance) since those have restrictions as far as location where VVB is.

You also mentioned soft phone, are you using that vs. hard phones?

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Re: Why vvb, if centralised telco



Thanks for the reply 


If we price up our in house solution with local gw, phones, vvb, gw VS cloud based external call centre provider then we lose.

If we price it like for like - softphones only, no hardware on site then the cost is equal. My question is what would we lose by not recommending vvb?

My understanding is that, it will  provide queuing on edge so reduce wan usage, local wav file again reduce wab usage and provides redundancy


Is there anything I'm missing?


Removing the above,brings it in line with cloud based offering on both cost and redundancy



Re: Why vvb, if centralised telco

You'd need to cover more about your setup. For instance, you say local WAN usage for the audio files. If your audio files are on the CVP server (typical configuration) then VVB is still pulling them across the WAN, at least until it is cached, it isn't really local. There are also other considerations, like what happens if there's a network interruption in both cases, right?


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Re: Why vvb, if centralised telco




Well they were the questions really


Obviously with a local telco circuits, VVB, Locally cached Wav files then WAN traffic is reduced if all agents are local to the site. Now if I need to remove the telco circuits and VVB and centralise everything so it "matches" the possible Cloud offering so to compare  the inhouse vs outsource costs - removing the VVB do we use anything else which I have not mentioned above. Is there something I forgotten with regards to benefit of a local VVB outside of Local Redundancy, Local wav files, Queuing at the edge etc



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