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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Do you need to add new infrastructure devices in your network?


If the answer to this question is “yes” then you may have an easy solution through NSO (Network Service Orchestrator). Cisco Advanced Services has developed a NSO-based package that can perform onboarding (pushing day 0 & 1 configurations) of your infrastructure devices in your network.


What are the supported Platforms?


Currently Cisco IOS (4948), NX-OS (6001), Arista-DCS (7280SE) and Juniper (EX4550 via management IP) have been validated. More platforms (including multivendor OS) to be validated in future releases.


Available Features:


  1. Open architecture: Generic platform to support device onboarding. More device vendors can be easily added.
  2. Extensible YANG model: Existing YANG model can be extended to support customizations.
  3. Role based configuration: Different configurations can be pushed towards same device type based on device role.
  4. Custom configuration support: Templates can be easily modified to push custom configurations towards device.
  5. Onboarding using management IP: Device can be on-boarded if a management IP is already configured on device.
  6. Onboarding using terminal IP: Onboarding of device with console connectivity through terminal server are also supported.
  7. Terminal server/management IP switching: Support to switch device management from terminal server to management IP and vice versa.
  8. Multi device onboarding: 1 or more device(s) of same or different vendors can be onboarded in one request.
  9. Easy integration: Standard integration interfaces and proper responses are provided, to handle success and failure scenarios.
  10. Onboarding history logs: For easy reference, results of the onboarding request are stored in CDB.


Watch the video where Imran Baig, Solution Architect, explains how this package works.


For further information please contact the Cisco Advanced Services team, Syed Ziaullah (, Solution Architect, Manish Jain (, Director Software Integration and Orchestration and Filip Marest (, Business Architect


Getting Started

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