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Cisco Champion Radio: S9|E17 Full-Stack Observability

Amilee San Juan
Cisco Employee

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Full-stack observability provided by Cisco solutions moves beyond domain monitoring into full-stack visibility, insights, and actions, transforming siloed data into actionable insights that provide shared context for your IT teams.

Cisco is focused on full-stack observability with business context. Business context is the ability to map service capabilities and quality across digital applications and infrastructure, with insights to the real business impact experienced by the end user, whether internal worker, external partner, or end customer

Join Champions and Cisco Fellow Carlos Perieira as they uncover what it means, how it works and discuss how it helps operations teams via our end-to-end observability approach and deliverables, while minimizing or eliminating issues before they happen.

(3:37) What's the difference between monitoring, observability, and full-stack observability?
(7:23) How does that resonate with the companies you work for?
(20:40) What are the main use cases? And what are some of the examples there? (Three categories > then the three main use cases)
(28:26) How does the data move in between AppD, ThousandEyes and Intersight?
(30:30) Is AppDynamics the central piece?
(35:29) Where do you see Full Stack Observability in 12 or 18 mos?
(36:48) Where does Nexus Dashboard and Insights fit into that? Why isn't it messaged that way?

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Cisco Champion Hosts
Dan Kelcher (, Merdian IT, Enterprise Network and Cybersecurity Solutions Architect
Daren Fulwell (, ANS Group, Technical Architect
Eric Chou (, Network Automation Nerds, Engineer

Carlos Pereira, Cisco Fellow and Chief Architect

Amilee San Juan (, Cisco, Customer Voices and Cisco Champion Program

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