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This is to announce Cisco Prime Service Catalog version 11.0 has been delivered to, and is now available for customers and partners to download.  

The Prime Service Catalog 11.0 software can now be downloaded from  Enterprise Cloud Suite customers please download the virtual appliance under the VMware link.


Key features for Prime Service Catalog 11.0 include:

  • Storefront for Private Cloud IaaS: providing end user self-service ordering and management of auto-discovered services from UCSD.
  • Application Stack Design and Provisioning: Stack Designer, Heat, AMQP and Puppet to support application provisioning on UCSD-managed infrastructure container, with over 25 out-of-box templates for application provisioning.
  • Single Pane of Glass for Hybrid Cloud VMs: providing end user self-service UI to order, manage and move VMS from private to public cloud, and vice versa.
  • Multi-Tenant IaaS on ACI: enable T2, T3 and government service providers to provide multi-tenant IaaS on the Prime Service Catalog, UCSD, and ACI solution architecture.
  • Service Design and Platform Enhancements:  enable customers doing in-house content development with dynamic data retrieval against REST web services and hierarchical service items.  Also, provided platform and security updates in this release.


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