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Top Three Takeaways from Think 2019

Cisco Employee

A few weeks ago, I attended Think 2019, IBM’s flagship conference. One of the key themes in keynotes, sessions, workshops, and discussions was the cloud and what it means for businesses. Here are my top three takeaways from Think 2019.


Multicloud Is Where It’s At

More companies than ever are starting or continuing the process of integrating their business into a multicloud environment. Craig Reese, my peer at IBM, and I appeared on theCUBE and discussed the obstacles companies face with moving to multicloud, the impact on different industries, and how IBM Services and Cisco are managing this complex new reality. SiliconANGLE also featured this segment in an article on their site.


Simplify the Journey

Determining the most effective multicloud strategy for your enterprise is challenging. What’s the right technology? What are the right services? How do you get there? And who can get you there? So many questions – and choices – often lead to paralysis for a business. That’s where service providers and key technology partners, like IBM and Cisco, can help customers more easily transition to the next phase of digitization. Craig and I hosted a workshop in the Smarts Starts Here track at Think 2019 on how businesses can accelerate that digital transformation with IBM Services and Cisco. 


Security is Key

The growth of multicloud environments brings additional challenges to an organization’s security strategy. With fast-moving threats, tons of products to manage from dozens of vendors, and teams stretched to a breaking point, managing cybersecurity challenges is difficult and complex. And, to be successful, the bad guys only have to be right once.


The Cisco team participated in a few sessions on security, including Mohammed Ahmed’s Lightning Session entitled “Changing the Security Equation: Achieving More Effective Security with Cisco.” This talk addressed how Cisco is working with IBM Services and Security team to enable a “collaborative defense” strategy with faster threat detection and response.


Think 2019 is a wrap and we’re excited to see what the IBM team is planning for 2020. For all the latest on what’s happening with IBM and Cisco, check out our solutions pages.