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Extending Login Timeouts on the CCM



The purpose of this document is to provide instruction for cases where the administrator of a CloudCenter environment may want to extend the amount of time it takes before the Manager login will timeout and return to the login screen.

This is useful for demonstration scenarios in particular, where there may be periods of discussion in between actions. While best practice is to save your work as you go, this could also be useful for admins who are modeling applications, who require research time in between fields.

Please use caution and understand the risks before implementing this, as the extended timeout could increase the chances for an unwanted individual to gain access to an unattended desktop.


  1. Connect to the CCM console via SSH or directly.
  2. Edit the web.xml file by using the following command:

          "vi /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/web.xml" <-- without the quotes

  1. Find the line for <session-timeout>15</session-timeout>
  2. Press "i" to enter edit (insert) mode
  3. Change the value of 15 to your preferred value, in minutes
  4. Press escape to exit edit mode
  5. Save and exit the file by typing ":wq!"  <-- without the quotes
  6. Restart the Tomcat server (/etc/init.d/tomcat restart)

Once the Tomcat service is up and running, your new timeout should be in place!

Please note, there are other things that can affect the prompt for login, such as additional logins from other browsers using the same credentials. This is especially noticeable in a demo scenario, where you may have many people showing the same environment at the same time.