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Level 1

This TAP has 77 new Flexpod related workflows. It heavily expands the UCS capabilities through the "Execute UCS Command" activity, the VMWare capabilities using PowerCLI, as well as extensive content around NetApp Oncommand (DFM) automation using the web service interface (via HTTP adapter).


Justin Yancey

EDIT: Whoops, it's not 99 workflows, actually it's 77 workflows and 22 targets, users, categories, variables etc.

There are five categories of workflows:

  • Storage (using NetApp DFM/OnCommand web services v4+)
  • Compute (using UCS HTTP)
  • VMWare (using PowerCLI)
  • Networking (using Terminal Adapter)
  • Portal (actually I meant to remove these, they are from the POC that I was doing when I created this TAP. Ignore these)

Most of the workflows are self-explanatory (e.g. "Add NFS Datastore to VM Hosts"), some are more obscure, but unfortunately I don't have the time to fully document everything. A lot of the UCS work is done around SP and vNIC templates, e.g. adding a VLAN to an updating vNIC template, adding a new datastore to all Service Profiles that were cloned from an initial SP template etc. DFM is slightly more complex as you have to have an understanding of how NetApp OnCommand provisions storage to know what it's doing.

To see some of the activities in this TAP in action, watch this video:

Level 1
Level 1

Thanks Justin!

Would it be possible for you to post some additional documentation, such as list of process names, any special deployment instructions, does it use Starter Edition extension points, if there are specifics about the NetApp products it's compatible with, etc.?


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