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I'm missing something here.

Where is the connection between Intersight Assist and Vmware/Pure?

I was thinking that we have to claim it on Intersight Assist, then claim Intersight Assist on regular Intersight.

Or, is Intersight Assist just a proxy for Intersight where the connection goes like this: Intersight->Assist->Vmware/Pure?

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

It's the latter, Intersight Assist is the on prem component that resides closer to the 3rd party hardware.  However post Intersight assist deployment all of the configuration happens from connects securely to Intersight Assist and assist runs the micro services that talk to Pure/VMware components.  But again the majority of the configuration is driven from

Martin L
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor

thanks for sharing!

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Quick clarity question.  I cannot see on the License feature matrix whether managing Pure Array connectivity is advantage tier or premier tier.   Appears like you can Load Intersight assist on essentials but not claim devices from the video. Can you elaborate? Also, is there any hardware requirements on the Pure side for Intersight assist to be loaded to an array?


Thank you for making it was helpful. 

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
To unlock the ability to claim Pure Storage (and other 3rd party systems) through Intersight Assist you need either an Advantage tier license OR Premier tier license. Advantage tier (at the time of comment) unlocks the ability to see the array Inventory and storage widget. Premier tier unlocks the ability to orchestrate the array with the use of workflows and workflow designer(carving storage assigning to hosts/host groups etc.).

Hardware requirements for Pure Storage FlashArray products are available here:

Thanks for your comment!
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