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Cisco Intersight

Join the Cisco Intersight conversation. Get product updates on new Intersight features/functionaliti...

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Nexus Dashboard

Nexus Dashboard incorporates Nexus Insights, Network Assurance, and Multi-Site Orchestrator, as well...

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Manage vlans on cisco via php

A few years ago I saw managment of vlans (cisco router) with web browser. It worked like this: On this place was router with vlans for each floor of house. Majordomo each time signed to some website, and he has permissions to allowing mac addres for ...

Morse by Beginner
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APIC postman interaction

I'm trying to update subnets via Postman; I'm not sure, but in a product production environment, I can't always use APIC inspector, so I thought I'd try with a browser URL. Is it necessary to always use the URL from the inspector or is there another ...

Qwr! by Beginner
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Resolved! Nexus Data Broker RADIUS Login

New to Nexus Data Broker and trying to configure RADIUS login with a 3rd-party RADIUS server. I'm seeing successful authentications in the logs on both sides, but after it begins redirecting me to the dashboard, it kicks me back to the login page. No...

mharing by Beginner
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Resolved! MDS - Disruptive Direct upgrade path

hi all,I have MDS 9250i switches running NX-OS 6.2(9) and I would like to upgrade to 8.2.2 during maintenance window. I read Cisco notes saying for NON-disruptive upgrade path is to go to 8.1.1b first then to 8.2.2. Since there are fabric A and B act...

robin99 by Beginner
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Crosswork cloud REST API request

Hi community, Has anyone tried to use the Python script provided in the Cisco Crosswork Cloud documentation?I am getting the following error and have no idea how to troubleshoot it: ./ --keyid testkey --key 00000000000a --method GET --hos...

mfzac by Beginner
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DATA interfaces on Nexus Dashboard

Hi,I'm going to deploy some Nexus Dashboard physical appliances to manage our VXLAN fabric (a preprod one with only 1 Spine and 2 Leaf)I have a few questions regarding the Data interfaces of ND:how should I physically connect them to the Fabric? I ha...

suneq by Beginner
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Resolved! Subnet add/delete via Postman

I was trying to create a subnet but 400-Bad request. The request cannot be fulfilled due to bad syntax. Here is the payload and URLs I tried. I'm just wondering if I get some direction {"totalCount": "1","imdata": [{"fvSubnet": {"attributes": {"annot...

Qwr! by Beginner
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