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ACE 4710 in one-arm mode


i have two vlans vlan 100 and vlan 105. vlan 100 has 2 servers with same subnet ip of range 172.26.226.x and 4 servers in vlan 105 with subnet ip 172.26.227.x.these servers traffic needs to be managed using cisco 4710 ACE load balancer and thats where I need some help as the servers gateway is same as that of load one-arm mode4 is only option.

I am providing the nw diagram.

there are two load balancers. so redundancy is also to be done.default gateway to be given in lb is

Please give the config details for load balancers.I have gone through some of the cisco docs but not much help


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Hello Deepak,

I would like to suggest that you republish this "blog" as a discussion..

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