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ANNOUNCEMENT: goUCS version 2.0 Released

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Created by: Eric Williams on 08-03-2012 04:25:30 PM
I would like to announce the general availability of goUCS version 2.0 on Cisco Developer Network. A lot of time and effort has been put into the newest goUCS release, with some of the main features being detailed below.
  • LINUX / MAC OS X: Ported goUCS to support Mac OS X and Linux (Red Hat and Ubuntu tested and supported).  All features implemented in goUCS version 2.0 are implemented to function across all supported operating systems as detailed in the goUCS version 2.0 README.
  • PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENTS:  Re-engineered and re-coded to be nearly 100% Java based for cross platform portability.  goUCS version 2.0 commands generally execute much faster than the equivalent goUCS version 1.0 commands.
  • TAGGED BASED USER ARGUMENTS:  Changed default behavior for user based arguments from positional arguments ($ARG1$ … $ARGx$) to tagged based arguments ($NAME:ARG$).  Positional based user arguments will be obsoleted as default behavior from goUCS version 2.0 forward, but goUCS still supports their usage to maintain backwards compatibility
Plus many other new features that are documented in the goUCS version 2.0 README.

goUCS version 2.0 can be downloaded from Cisco Developer Network at the following URL:

Eric Williams
Technical Marketing Engineer
Cisco System Inc.
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