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Cisco Intersight Essentials Edition Now Available

Cisco Employee

Cisco is pleased to announce that the Intersight Essential License Edition is now live in production!  The Cisco Intersight platform provides cloud-based infrastructure management, and Intersight Essentials helps extend the model-based management of the Cisco UCS platform to all Cisco UCS servers, Cisco HyperFlex, and Cisco HyperFlex Edge systems.

Feature highlights of Intersight are outlined below:

  • Policy driven configuration for Standalone Racks:
    • Precision Boot Order
    • BIOS
    • Local User
    • LDAP
    • SMTP
    • Network Configuration
    • KVM
    • NTP
    • SSH
    • Serial Over LAN
    • IPMI Over LAN
  • Server Profiles
  • IMC Firmware Management
  • IMC Software Context Launch
  • Server Actions, Server Details & Images
  • API Keys (Enabling remote API access and use with the Python SDK)
  • License Management
  • UI Features including:
    • REST API and Documentation
    • Help Center
    • Dashboard widgets and customization
    • Workflow / Task framework
    • Localization (Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese)

To learn more on using Cisco Intersight with your UCS Infrastructure, visit

  • The help pages include information on how to create an account, configure devices for access (HTTPS from the device to Intersight), and what specific hardware is supported.
  • Also look for Information on current features, licensing, and several video overviews on the help pages.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 8.46.45 AM.png

You can also browse Communities content and forums for additional information on Intersight.  An overview is available at Cisco Intersight: Cloud Based Management of UCS and HyperFlex

For product overviews, data sheets, solution whitepapers, and much more visit

We look forward to seeing you on Cisco Intersight!