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Cisco UCS PowerTool Examples

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Created by: Eric Williams on 20-07-2012 12:19:56 AM
I just added a new section to the UCS PowerTool section on the UCS CDN site that will provide a central repository of PoSh scripts, examples, and videos that detail use cases and examples for UCS PowerTool. 

Here is the link:

The plan going forward on this new page is to provide a central area for UCS PowerTool centric individuals like myself and others inside and outside of Cisco to show off what they are doing with Cisco UCS PowerTool!  I have started the repository by providing a few scripts. 

The first one is a UCS Manager Firmware upgrade script which downloads the UCS firmware from, uploads the firmware to the UCS Manager to be updated, and steps through the upgrade process step by step by updating UCS Manager, the IO Modules, the Fabric Interconnects, and the host firmware and management firmware packages on the service profile templates and instances.

Download the UCS Firmware Update script:

The second set of scripts provided are ones that I and Alan Renouf @ VMware developed to automate the configuration and deployment of UCS servers in a new cluster created in vSphere.  The newly created UCS service profiles would boot off the network and get their ESXi hypervisor based on a Auto-Deploy rule that links the Service Profile Template Name with a hypervisor version to boot and a cluster rule that links the same Service Profile Template Name to add the new server to a cluster.  After the first hypervisor is added and configured in the cluster, a host profile is created and applied to cluster.  A second set of scripts is run to add two new UCS servers to the cluster which is automatically booted into a ESXi hypervisor and added to the cluster by the predefined rules based on the Service Profile Template Name.  A third set of scripts can be used to perform a rolling cluster upgrade, which will upgrade both the hypervisor version and UCSM firmware version of all the nodes in the cluster!

Download the UCS PowerTool + VMware PowerCLI scripts:

If you would like to provide any examples, videos, or scripts that utilize Cisco UCS PowerTool, please email with the details!
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