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Cloud Portal Documentation


Cloud Portal Documentation

(aka Service Portal)

Finding product documention on can be an excercise in futility challenging to the uninitiated. This post lists some of the most important guides with brief summaries and links. These docs contain a wealth of information and provide many answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Cisco Service Portal Installation Guide contains instructions related to the installation, upgrade and configuration tasks for the Cisco Service Portal (Service Portal) product and its prerequisite software.      
    • Audience: This guide is intended for system administrators and systems integrators responsible for installing and configuring Cisco Service Portal products.

  • Cisco Service Portal Configuration Guide explains how to use the Organization Designer and Administration modules of Cisco Service Portal (Service Portal), and how to perform basic system administration of the Portal. Organization Designer enables you to create the various departments and service teams that comprise your service request and delivery model. It is also the mechanism by which you define the roles your end-users play, and what capabilities and permissions users will receive through those roles. The Administration module controls all site-wide settings for application behavior, including emails sent during service delivery, user interface appearance, and overall business rules for when and how to apply approvals of service requests. It also lets you define the integration with your corporate directories, and provides access to helpful utilities for troubleshooting and system maintenance. System administrators of Service Portal will also find this guide a valuable resource for system configuration, housekeeping, and maintenance information.       
    • Audience: This guide is intended for system administrators, service designers, and users who are responsible for configuring the end-user administration and overall application architecture for Service Portal.

  • Cisco Service Portal Designer Guide explains the complete process of designing services in your Cisco Service Portal (Service Portal) service catalog and making them available for ordering. It describes each component of service design and the considerations you need to make when creating them. The main module covered by this guide is Service Designer. Because service design requires a wide range of both business and technical skills, the Service Designer module provides features addressing the entire range—from presenting each service in an appealing way to coding JavaScript functions that handle complex data validations. However, service designers are not expected to be programmers. This guide covers the many techniques that non-technical designers can leverage to create powerful and dynamic service requests. It also presents the core JavaScript functions available for manipulating the appearance and behavior of service forms.       
    • Audience: This guide is intended for the service designers responsible for the service catalog. Although it does not presume that everyone reading this book is a programmer, it does expect that you are able to supplement the information provided here with a basic understanding of SQL and JavaScript if necessary.

  • Cisco Service Portal Integration Guide explains all of the features you can use to integrate the Cisco Service Portal (Service Portal) application to other applications and systems for a complete solution at your site. Service Portal is built to integrate with your corporate directory so that it can consume data from that directory to determine each end-user’s department membership, role, and place in the corporate reporting structure. The data in that directory may need to be augmented and transformed at the same time as it is loaded into the Portal database, however, to fulfill the specific requirements of your service catalog. This guide explains how you do just that. Service Portal also provides a number of APIs for solving complex service delivery use-cases, including automation, and the submission of service requests and instantiation of service items through a mechanism other than the Portal user interface. Those APIs are fully documented here.      
    • Audience: This guide is aimed at the individual or team responsible for implementing the Service Portal application and integrating it with all other corporate systems, including the corporate directory or directories.

You also might find these two documents useful:

These links are all for the v9.4.1 release. You can also browse the Cloud Portal product home for links to other versions and additional docs.


(Thanks to Max for compiling the list.)

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