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Does the "Cisco’s Massively Scalable Data Center Network Fabric" Architecture support ACI on it?



Does the "Cisco’s Massively Scalable Data Center Network Fabric" (MSDC) Architecture be managed by ACI ?

I mean can the physical topology of the ACI network be a MSDC network?

Cisco’s Massively Scalable Data Center Network Fabric White Paper


In the document , it is saying that:

"The subnet where the servers reside is local to a single or a pair of leaf switches. Such networks don’t consider Layer 2 connectivity between multiple racks or live-host mobility."


If this type of network supports ACI, then "Layer 2 mobility" and "live host-mobility" can be done in the DataCenter End-to-End.

So , I was thinking of this MSDC network, as "scaling horizontally" the ACI DataCenter network.

Is it true?

I mean , if this type of network is supported by Cisco ACI, then ACI MultiPOD architecture is not required. Correct??

Any idea?



For extending the DataCenter Horizontally, Cisco is using the "MultiPOD" Architecture, which uses the IPN(Inter POD Network) for connecting the PODs together.


Is this MSDC network the same as MultiPOD ? If the answer is "YES", then ACI MultiPOD only supports a maximum number of 12 PODS and 400 switches and each POD can only have maximum 200 switches. Then it cannot expand horizontally to be a massive scalable  DC.


If not,  its another type of network Architecture for extending the DataCenter horizontally in ACI architecture?