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Multicloud Networking for ACI and NX-OS Enabled Data Center Fabrics: A Companion to DLBTEC-59

Lukas Krattiger
Cisco Employee

Cisco Live 2020 - June 16-17, 2020.png

As infrastructure evolves through hybrid cloud adoption, your data center network is challenged to evolve with it. How can your fabric transform a distributed data center into an interconnected multicloud network? How will it be managed, secured and automated across multiple platforms? Such a modern network should not be influenced solely by the technology features a vendor has available. Rather, it should be driven by a comprehensive architecture with an operational model that fits your needs. The Cisco Data Center is built to address those needs with uniform management across multiple platforms.

If you’re running, considering or want to learn more about Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) with a well-defined declarative model expressed by Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC), or more CLI-oriented model with Cisco Data Center Network Manager (DCNM), this Cisco Live session is for you. Both platforms provide a scalable, wide commonality data center fabric.

On June 18, you will be able to access the on-demand Cisco Live replay. Check out this session where we break down each solution, explain shared use cases and platform commonality. This is multicloud networking based on Cisco Multi-Site technology, across ACI and NX-OS fabrics. Post any questions you have in the comments below.