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New Report Available on VSG and vWAAS Virtual Services for Vblock Platforms

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Gary Kinghorn

Gary Kinghorn | January 5, 2012 at 3:40 pm PST

Last month the VCE Company, the joint venture between Cisco and EMC (with investments from VMware and Intel) that makes the Vblock infrastructure platforms, released a report on Cisco’s virtual services validating their suitability on the Vblock platform. The 40 page technical report covers both Cisco’s Virtual Security Gateway (VSG) firewall, and our Virtual Wide Area Application Services (vWAAS) WAN optimization solution. Both Cisco products run as virtual machines on a VMware hypervisor and the Nexus 1000V virtual switch on an application server, or in the case of VSG, on a Nexus 1010 services appliance.

As the paper notes, services available from the cloud offer cost and  efficiency benefits, but until now many organizations have been hesitant  to move to the cloud because of concerns about security, performance  Service Level Agreements (SLA), and availability. The goal of the paper  is to show how Cloud Service Assurance (CSA) can be implemented by using  these virtual appliances from Cisco and that they have been  demonstrated to work on the Vblock platform in a multi-tenant  environment.

Notably, the paper walks through a number of interesting use cases  for both products and how the products were validated, including how to  deploy VSG with two tenants in different port groups and VLANs, two  tenants in the same VLAN, restricting traffic within a single tenant,  and multi-layer security with VSG and VMware’s vShield Edge product.  Similarly, the report describes how vWAAS was deployed and tested to  optimize WAN traffic for both Microsoft Sharepoint 2007 and Microsoft  Exchange Server 2010.

Vblock customers will definitely benefit from the availability and  validation of these virtual services in their environments, and its  great to see the technology and the use case scenarios presented in such  a clear and informative format.

Full URL for the report:

Tags: Nexus 1000v, Nexus 1010, Vblock, Virtual Security Gateway, Virtual Wide Area Application Services, vsg, vWAAS

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