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Nexus 1000V Updates Bring Scalability and Cloud Readiness to the Network

Lisa Latour
Frequent Contributor

Tina Feng
Tina Feng |
January 31, 2012 at 7:16 pm PST


For anyone who has ventured to a tech conference, flown into an airport or even driven down CA highway 101 this past year, it’s clear  that cloud is still top of mind for many technical and business decision  makers. We believe this means that enterprises are no longer just  talking the talk, but are looking deeper into their networking  infrastructure to see if they are ready to meet the challenges of cloud,  virtualization and workload mobility. At Cisco, it is our job to help  build clouds that can handle elastic demand and efficiently use the   networking infrastructure at both a virtual and physical level. This  week, we are announcing several key upgrades to the Nexus 1000V family that bring scalability and cloud readiness to the network.

The key is that cloud, as a use case in the virtual environment, is  demanding a higher degree of segmentation. The Nexus 1000V family,  including the Nexus 1000V Series Switch and the Virtual Security Gateway (VSG) have all been upgraded to enable this scalability. The latest Nexus 1000V Series Switch Release 1.5, available now, supports Virtual Extensible Local Area Network (VXLAN). We’ve been talking about VXLAN for a while now (For a refresher, check out Omar Sultan’s blog series, Digging Deeper into VXLAN),  but it is an industry-wide development that scales the number of  virtual LANs that can be created over cloud networks. It logically  separates tenants and applications and enables customers to address  cloud requirements and broaden VM mobility. Additionally, Cisco vPath  built in the Nexus 1000V supports virtualized network services on VXLAN.

And, as a sneak peek into what is in the works for a future Nexus  1000V release, we are pre-announcing the Multi-VSM Controller  Technology, which enables hierarchical Virtual Supervisor Modules in the  Nexus 1000V to scale to over 10,000 ports. Look for a blog in the next  week which will cover this upcoming feature in more depth.

The new Virtual Security Gateway (VSG) Release 1.3, which already provides trusted intra-tenant data center security, has  been upgraded to extend zone-based firewall services to VMs on VXLAN as  well. Additionally, Layer 2 and Layer 3 connectivity is now supported  between VSG and the Nexus 1000V Virtual Ethernet Module (VEM), enabling a  more flexible deployment model.

And lastly, the new Nexus 1010-X is an upgraded platform to the Nexus 1010 Virtual Services Appliance, and is available now! Please read Gary Kinghorn’s latest blog on the Nexus 1010 and 1010-X for more details on how they enable more scalable and cost-efficient  configuration for larger data center deployments and cloud applications.

With these latest updates to the Nexus 1000v, VSG and Nexus 1010,  enterprises will be poised to scale and secure their networks for the  cloud.

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