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Pondering Automation: New Title, New Blog Post, New Year, and TSP

Cisco Employee

Happy 2012 to everyone out in automation land! I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to make 2012 that much better than 2011. I have finally come across a name that I like for the blog.... "Pondering Automation". If you do not like it... well sorry It's the content that really matters! As many of you know(or have seen), we have decided to change the name of TEO to Cisco Process Orchestrator or CPO. A nice change and something that will be reflected in the product in a future release. For now, TEO or CPO works for me, I and support will understand either. As CPO continues to grow we have more and more customers getting into the fold and different kinds of customers. SAP still has a nice foothold but we are working with customers now using CPO for Cloud, UCS, Cisco Cloud Portal, Remedy, Web Services, and more! An exciting time to be in the midst of CPO for sure. I hope you, the loyal reader base, are as excited as we are about CPO. To further this discussion I am going to continue with the Video Blog type series that I started last year. As I said (and fully believe), it's better to show than to screenshot.






Having said that, this entry is entirely dedicated to showing you how TSP is used/installed/etc. TSP or Tidal Server Provisioner is a component of the Cloud stack offering and is used to provision OSes to machines and to backup/restore to machines. Very powerful software indeed when paired with Cisco Cloud Portal to handle the front end and Cisco Process Orchestrator to automate the whole thing! If you do not use TSP (which is now re-branded CSP with version 6.4) then this might not interest you unless you just like Linux and want to see new and cool technologies. TSP verison 6.3 and CSP version 6.4 are both officially supported with use of TEO 2.2. (As mentioned, TEO will be rebranded in the near future)





So to help those with TSP or those that just want to see neat stuff, I have done a 4 part video series, however due to the nature of people wanting to see the screen/text better and myself not wanting to have the videos compressed by the CSC, I have them in Webex recorded sessions. All you have to do is click the links and you'll be off! Here are the videos and what they are about. (please watch in order, it makes more sense that way)






Video TopicWebex Link
1Prepping your TSP 6.3 Server
2Installing your TSP 6.3 Server

Provisioning Linux, Mac Independent and Mac Dependent

Provisioning Windows, Backup/Restore Feature, and how to integrate with TEO 2.2










Shaun's Weekly Q/A



No questions this week! Hopefully we'll get some in to answer for next week!




Ever week I will pick a handful of questions from you, the reading CPO public, to answer in this part of the blog. Please post comments/questions below. I will no longer be using the external email from previous blogs.




Please also let me know if you like the format of this blog and what else you would like to see/know about. Feel free to give any ideas as to future blog posts, etc and I will be happy to post them. I hope to do more how-tos, best practices, tips, tricks, and hopefully some interviews of the important people behind the scenes of CPO. My hope is to have a once/week blog entry here on CPO!



WEEKLY TEO BLOG DISCLAIMER: As always, this is a blog and my (Shaun Roberts) thoughts on CPO, my thoughts on best practices, and my experiences with the product and customers. The above views are in no way representative of Cisco or any of it's partners, etc. None of these views, etc are supported and this is not a place to find standard product support. If you need standard product support please do so via the current call in numbers (650-475-4600 or 877-55-TIDAL) or via e-mail at (please include your Cisco ID when emailing in)</P>




Thanks to all for reading and happy automating!



-Shaun Roberts

CPO Support Team Lead



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