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Pondering Automation: Plunging into the Web Services Pool

Cisco Employee

Hello out there in automation land!! I know this is a quick turnaround from our standard ~month per blog, but I had a great inquiry and had to blog and video about it. A person asked me for guidance on writing web service calls in Orchestrator. Since I had done quite a few and I realized I had never done a deep tech dive into them, I figured it was worth the look. So for you today, I have mostly a V-Blog. This is going to be a video blog just under 1 hour that will show you 3 separate instances of web service calls and their uses and setup in Orchestrator. Of course this is not the only way to do things, but it's my way and I like it! This will cover web serviecs that use XML, JSON, and CLI/Query string. It will also cover some pieces on the tools and tricks I use when developing my web services calls and what I believe works best. It's not the end-all-be-all but I hope it will help you get going in the right direction. Please post any comments or questions to the blog comments below or feel free to email me.


Onto the video!!!


Shaun's Weekly Q/A



No questions this week! Hopefully we'll get some in to answer for next week!


Ever week I will pick a handful of questions from you, the reading CPO public, to answer in this part of the blog. Please post comments/questions below. I will no longer be using the external e-mail from previous blogs.



Please also let me know if you like the format of this blog and what else you would like to see/know about. Feel free to give any ideas as to future blog posts, etc and I will be happy to post them. I hope to do more how-tos, best practices, tips, tricks, and hopefully some interviews of the important people behind the scenes of CPO.



WEEKLY AUTOMATION BLOG DISCLAIMER: As always, this is a blog and my (Shaun Roberts) thoughts on CPO, my thoughts on best practices, and my experiences with the product and customers. The above views are in no way representative of Cisco or any of it's partners, etc. None of these views, etc are supported and this is not a place to find standard product support. If you need standard product support please do so via the current call in numbers on or email




Thanks to all for reading and happy automating!



-Shaun Roberts

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Cisco Employee

update webex link. let me know if it does not work

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