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Pondering Automation - Shaun's TAP Emporium

Shaun Roberts
Cisco Employee

UPDATE: 2/21/18

*All TAPS Updated for CPO 3.5

*Added the following TAPs: Cisco Spark API, Pondering Automation Blog Examples


Hey all,

nothing much to say today... other than I've updated a lot of my API sets and automation packs and wanted to post them for you! If you need a version prior to 3.5, let me know via email and I'll see what I can do. Please note these are my developed/custom developed TAPs, come with NO SUPPORT, NO WARRANTY, and are fully opensource for you to use! Feel free, however, to ask me questions here or via email/etc.


You will find all the taps in one .ZIP file below. If you want one individually please send me a request. You can only attach 5 things per blog


They all require CPO 3.5 or later. Just download the taps and install them as needed. If you need help installing TAPs, refer to the CPO online documentation on TAP installation.


Automation Pack Description Version Requires
Automation Function Tools(AFT) A collection of easy to use functions TAPS: Core
Base Queue Class A basic queue system N/A
Content Logger A package to help add logging to your processes/automations TAPS: Core, AFT
List Class a basic list class in CPO TAPS: AFT
CPO NBWS Functions Examples of CPO Northbound WebServices functions TAPS: AFT
JIRA API API Set for JIRA - not all calls TAPS: AFT, Core, Content Logger, Type class - Customer support case
PO Rest API Examples of CPO NBWS functions with REST TAPS: AFT, Core, Content Logger
Pondering Automation Examples Just examples from the blogs N/A
Salesforce API API set for TAPS: Core, Content Logger, Type class - customer support case
SmartSheet API API Set for TAPS: AFT, Core, Content Logger, PO Rest API
Cisco Spark API API Set for Spark, not all calls yet TAPS: AFT, Core, Content Logger
Splunk API API Set for Splunk Application TAPS: AFT, Core, Content Logger
Stack Class A basic stack class N/A
Type Class - Customer Support Case A basic class to handle adding data to support (or any) issues/cases N/A
Type Class - MS Access DB A class to allow you to configure a MS Access as a DB target Microsoft Jet OLEDB Driver installed to CPO
Web Stock Example An example showing grabbing stock quotes from the web TAPS: Core


Also  here are some older blog posts that might be of value for you!


Pondering Automation Links | Cisco Communities 

Additional Attachments:


VIP Expert

getting error ? on the links , any alternative links ?


The page you are trying to access was not found. Please check your URL for typos and try again.



Shaun Roberts
Cisco Employee

@balaji.bandi -- sorry since they moved things around the link died. Try the file I've attached to the actual blog. See if that works.

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