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Pondering Automation: We have a visitor!

Shaun Roberts
Cisco Employee

Howdy all there in automation land! As par to the course of the blog picking up steam we are having yet another great blog entry for you to check out. This time we need to clean up our blog "mess" as we have a visitor who has decided to join us for some automation fun! Devin Heads ( is a many year IT professional working at such places as Compaq, HP, Tidal, and Cisco. He has many years of experience in the automation industry and has lead support teams for Tidal Enterprise Scheduler and (now) Cisco Process Orchestrator,Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud, and Cisco Prime Service Catalog. Devin is highly skilled in Windows, Unix/Linux, SQL, Oracle, etc and brings all these years of knowledge and experience to our table!


In Cisco we had a great event in which we were given 24 hours to come up with a new innovation and we decided to put together two of Cisco's best products in Cisco Process Orchestrator and Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler. You can think of this as almost an explosion of the "One Interface To Rule Them All" series if you have been a blog follower for a few years. If you have not seen that one, well go back and watch it! (It's quite good if I say so myself) Eitherway, we took the use case of an operator who sits in a data center and watches scheduling software (or could be any software) and needs to execute some mundate and scripted task on that software when they detect an issue. Monitoring of IT applications and running event driven remediation is at the core of what Cisco Process Orchestrator is all about. This video is all about the explanation and demonstration of our Intelligent Operator and how you can use Cisco Process Orchestrator to be your Intelligent Operator in your data center. I hope you are enjoying the more regular blog series and getting as much out of this as possible. I am *really* looking for some good automation stories, whether good or bad, and I would love to do an interview of sorts with any one of your readers who have some good automation exerpiences. If you would like to be the subject of a blog, email me at the below email address and we'll hook it up!






Shaun's Monthly Q/A


No questions this month! Hopefully we'll get some in to answer for next time!



Every month I will pick a handful of questions from you, the reading CPO public, to answer in this part of the blog. Please post comments/questions below. I will no longer be using the external e-mail from previous blogs.


Please also let me know if you like the format of this blog and what else you would like to see/know about. Feel free to give any ideas as to future blog posts, etc and I will be happy to post them. I hope to  do more how-tos, best practices, tips, tricks, and hopefully some interviews of the important people behind the scenes of CPO.



WEEKLY AUTOMATION BLOG DISCLAIMER: As always, this is a blog and my (Shaun Roberts) thoughts on CPO, my thoughts on best practices, and my experiences with the product and customers. The above views are in  no way representative of Cisco or any of it's partners, etc. None  of these views, etc are supported and this is not a place to find standard product support. If you need standard product support  please do so via the current call in numbers on or email



Thanks to all for reading and happy automating!



-Shaun Roberts

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