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Register today for Cloud and Data Center Sessions

Kelli Glass
Community Manager

cisco live 2021.png

DON'T MISS OUT. Cisco Live 2021 is over until next year, but you can still view sessions in the On-Demand Library. 

Check out these recommended Cloud and Data Center Talks and On-Demand Sessions at Cisco Live on March 30 through April 1 (depending on your location).

With an All-Access pass, you can attend all of the exclusive sessions in BLUE + the sessions in GREEN. The Explorer Pass gives you access to all the sessions in GREEN

View all Cisco Live sessions and start building out your event schedule today. 

cisco live script 2021.pngPriority Sessions

Cloud and DC iTalk
DLBINT-42 | Accelerate Cloud Adoption with Hybrid Cloud Operations

Riot Games customer session
CSSCLD-1003 | Riot Games is Powering the Future of Esports with Cisco Cloud and Data Center Technologies  

Hybrid Cloud VoD sessions
PSOCLD-1004 | Build a Kubernetes Environment in a Few Clicks with IKS
PSOCLD-1006 | Revolutionize How You Manage Application Resources for Hybrid Cloud
PSOCLD-2101 | IT at the Speed of Dev, Infrastructure-as-a-Code with Intersight and Terraform Cloud

Data Center Networking VoD sessions
PSODCN-1001 | Cisco Nexus Dashboard: Simplicity, Visibility and Scale with Multicloud Operations
PSODCN-1002 | Driving your Cisco Multi-Domain Intent-Based Network Using Infrastructure as Code
PSODCN-1004 | Deliver High-Performance ITOps with Cisco Nexus Insights

Technical Breakouts DCN
BRKDCN-2456 | Application Assurance With Nexus Dashboard
BRKDCN-2454 | Accelerate Datacenter Infrastructure Provisioning Using Infrastructure as Code

Technical Breakouts Cloud & Compute
BRKCLD-2455 | Hybrid Cloud Connectivity: From, To and Across
BRKCLD-2812 | Hidden in Plain Intersight: Exposing Powerful Cloud Operations Use Cases

App-focused Cloud iTalk
DLBINT-45 | Optimizing Application Experiences

UCS and Hyper Converged Infra VoD sessions
PSOCLD-1005 | New Cisco UCS and HyperFlex Innovations

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