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Release: Nexus 1000V Version 1.2



Version 1.2 Highlights

  • Release Date: December 11 2009
  • Version: 4.0(4)SV1(2)
  • This is quite a list of new features for a dot release.
  • This update is included free as part of the service contract for existing customers. For new customers, this update is offered at the same price of $695 per CPU socket.

What's new:

  • Embedded evaluation license for easier evaluation
  • GUI setup following software install
  • Layer 3 control between VSM and VEMs
  • Virtual Service Domains for classifying and separating traffic for network services
  • iSCSI Multipath—supporting multipath feature introduced in vSphere 4
  • XML API for developing client apps for managing/monitoring the Nexus 1000V
  • DHCP Snooping for validating DHCP messages and filtering invalid responses
  • Dynamic ARP Inspection for validating ARP requests and responses
  • IP Source Guard for filtering traffic on interfaces to valid MAC and IP addresses
  • MAC Pinning for assigning Ethernet port members to particular port channel subgroup (where upstream switches do not support port channels)
  • Static Pinning



New Feature Summary

Enhanced virtual desktop security ("Don't VDI Without It")

  • Secure virtual desktop just like campus network
  • Cisco Integrated Security Features (Port Security, IP Source Guard, DHCP Snooping, Dynamic ARP Inspection)
Logical groups of VM with same security policy
  • Virtual Service Domains
  • Works with L4-7 service VM, such as VMware vShield

Flexible Deployment

  • Automated Installer GUI
  • L3 VSM/VEM Connectivity

New Feature Detail


This feature allows L3   connectivity for the VSM to the collection of VEMs for control and packet   paths.

Virtual Port ID Pinning

Static assignment of   Virtual Port IDs to a specific VPC sub-group for deterministic VM NIC teaming   & pinning. 

DHCP Snooping

Security feature that   filters untrusted DHCP messages and builds a DHCP snooping binding   table to validate new DHCP requests.

IP Source Guard

Security feature that   restricts the client IP traffic to those source IP addresses configured in   the DHCP binding table

Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI)

Security feature that   determines validity of an ARP packet based on valid MAC address to IP address   bindings stored in DHCP binding table

Syslog event for vMotion

A unique Syslog message from the VSM indicating a vMotion event and the migrated VM.

IPv6 Management

Support for IPv6 through the management address for Telnet/SSH access into the VSM. IPv6 SNMP access will come in a future   release.

Virtual Service Domains (VSD)

Port Profile integrated   feature to ease deployment and association of L4-7 service virtual appliance solutions to specific VM VNICs

XML API Support

Fully implemented, tested   and documented set of XML APIs (NetConf) corresponding to the current   releases feature set.

Additional SNMP MIBs

Bridge MIB (dot1dFdbTable), Virtual Ethernet MIB

Virtual Interface Rates

“Show interface” to include input/output packets & bytes with 5 min avg rates

Support for multiple interfaces into upstream Nexus 2000

VPC-HM optimization to   allow N1K PortChannel config when the upstream device (N2K) does not   support Port Channel

Enhanced vMotion support for VSM

vMotion support for a VSM   running on a VEM that it is managing

Video of GUI Installer

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