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vxlan on different phisical path


Hi all,

not sure this is the right place to raise my question..if not..beg you pardon.



I have to interconnect 2 datacenter with 2 links 10gb each so...10+10

physical connection is DWDM (dark fiber) and each datacenter has is own nexus93108 (as core router)  and his own L2 and L3 domain.


I need to streach vlans on the first DC to the secondary DC ( that's easy since i have L2 physical connections ) but....i would like to amend  some L2 problems and thus i would use VXLAN between datacenter in order to avoid ( for example ) broadcast and other L2 issues between DC's


Another requirement (the most important and the one that bring me here ) is to have some vlans streched on the first link ( let's call it link 1 ) and other ( different ) vlans on link 2.

Reasons than force me to have some vlan on one physical link and other vlans on a different link are many...for example having production traffic on link1 and VMOTION traffic ( or replica, or whatever ) on the link2. In short....production traffic doesn't have to mix up with other traffic and viceversa.


I never used vxlan so far but, if i've understood correctly, i have to create a NVE interface ( that states the l2 vlan ) and associate it to the routing process ( OSPF1  in my case ). obviosly other conf needs to be configured but let's skip them for now.

this should accomplish half work ( productoin vlans on one phisical link)


the problem is that a SECOND NVE ( whree the remaining vlan are listed)  is NOT supported by the switch ( all the switch ) i can't bind the OTHER vlans to another NVE and to another routing process ( for example OSPF2) in order to use the second phisical link.


is there a way to separate vlans on 2 (or more) different phisical links using VXLAN?


thx you all in advance

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