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ACI Automation Part 2 - ACI with Postman Configuring Single EPG



I. Introduction


In this article, we’re going to explore on how to create a single ACI End Point Group (EPG) using Postman.


II. Method to Find the EPG Object


This is the simple way on how to find the ACI EPG Object.


1. Open the API Inspector


On the top right of your APIC, click Settings > Show API Inspector



Once you click this, the pop-up window display API Inspector




2. Create a sample EPG under the Application Profile (AP)

In this example, we're creating EPG sample with the BD sample.




3. Using the API Inspector we search on POST command



Here we find the method, the content of the url and the payload.


4. With the POST command we extract the URL and the Payload


Once you extracted the information from the API Inspector, you can copy and paste it to your Postman.


In this example, I'm creating the EPG-sample under the tenant 'rsantoso' and under the application profile 'rsantoso-ap'.


Here in my example:




  "fvAEPg": {
     "attributes": {
       "dn": "uni/tn-rsantoso/ap-rsantoso-ap/epg-EPG-sample",
       "name": "EPG-sample",
       "rn": "epg-EPG-sample",
       "status": "created"
     "children": [{
       "fvRsBd": {
         "attributes": {
           "tnFvBDName": "BD-sample",
           "status": "created,modified"
         "children": []



The IP Address here is an example, you'll find the IP address of your APIC accordingly.

The highlighted bold here is the value that you can change accordingly to create EPG with different name and associated BD.



III. Using Postman to Create the EPG Object


1. Enter the information to the Postman Request


Using the previous method explain in point II.4, enter the information to the Postman Request


In this example, we still use the same EPG name EPG-sample with the associated BD-sample.

You can delete this EPG first before sending this Postman Request to make sure that the Postman works and can create the EPG-sample.


Once you verified that the Postman works on creating the EPG. You can modify the value on the Payload to correspond to the new EPG name that you want to create.




Please note: to login to the APIC before requesting to create the EPG Object. Otherwise you'll receive response 403 unauthenticated. Please refer to the article Part1 on log in to APIC.


2. Result

You'll find the EPG recreated using Postman.





Thanks for sharing. Awesome write up.


Thanks Rick for the feedback, I've just write another article on ACI Automation Part 3 - ACI with Postman on Configuring Multiple EPG. Hope this can be helpful.


Thanks I’ll check it out.

excellent ..thank you

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