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Can we ping end to end IP (EP) in ACI


Hi All, I am new in ACI, i was just checking whether we can check teachablety  between end point to end point through ping, i know we can check it using destination IP & through source gateway IP, but how can we ping from end point to end point IP.

Thank for your help in advance.






Cisco Employee



you can check the reachability between two nodes thru Visibility and Troubleshooting option under operations GUI

1. login to ACI
2. Go to Operations tab
3. select visibility and Troubleshooting
4. provide the information
- Session name: {give_a_name}
- Session type:
- Choose - Endpoint to Endpoint - if Both source and destination is on Fabric
- Choose - Endpoint to External - if Source is in ACI and destination is on external(non ACI)
- Choose - External to Endpoint - if Source is in external(non ACI) and destination is on ACI
- Choose - External to External - if Source and destination is in External network and ACI is being used as Transit(I never used this option)
5. Provide the source and destination as per the above choice
- if you selection Endpoint either source or destination - they you got to choose from the drop down after entering the MAC/IP/VM name
- provide the ip address for the external IP of your choice

6. Time Window - you can leave it default
7. Generate Report
8. then you get to see the lot of information no of packets sent/recieved/faults in the path/Drops/Traceroute information/Atomic counter is another important feature will give you more granularity into the numbers on the fabric.

you can also use iping on the leaf with below command, but you should know which vrf the source belongs to.

iping -V tenant_name:vrf_name <ipadd> -S <s-ipaddress>


Ram U

Thanks Ram for your time and help, 

I tried given command through CLI, I am able to ping from BD gateway to destinations ip but not from EP IP.


Any suggestions or documents on this?


Regards Deepak