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CIAC/Zenoss Integration TAP


IASBU, AS (DCom) and Zenoss created this POC to show how CIAC and Zenoss integrate and the value of the integration. This is the phase 1 only, which is the integration between CPO and Zenoss.

The following picture shows the sequence of events in this POC:

CIAC-Zenoss POC Phase I.PNG

  1. Zenoss discovers existing infrastrucure and creates the dependency graphs for the system being monitored.
  2. A tenant user requests a VM through CCP UI. Organization ID is being used as Tenant ID in this POC.
  3. Once the request is submitted, CPO executes the automation flows to provision the VM
  4. As part of the provisioning process, after VM is successfully provisioned, CPO retrieves the unique VM ID from vCenter and sends the VM ID along with Tenant ID and VM Name to Zenoss.
  5. Zenoss also discovers the changes from the infrastructure.
  6. A fault is introduced in one of the blade.
  7. Zenoss is able to detect the fault and refect the problem in the dependency graph. The graph is able to show the affected blade as well as the tenant being impacted which was made possible becasue of the mapping sent from CPO at step 4.

The attached zip file (CIAC-Zenoss contains the TAP (Zenoss Integration.tap) that makes the SSH call to Zenoss server to invoke a script, as well as the script "" that makes the Zenoss API call.

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