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Cisco 642-975 Cisco Data Center Application Services Implementation (DCASI)


Exam :  Cisco 642-975
Title :  Cisco Data Center Application Services Implementation

1. NetQoS adopts the method of performance priority to manage the network infrastructures, which main
functions does it provide?(Select all appropriate)
A. The end-to-end performance monitoring
B. Analyzing the communication traffic
C. Device performance management
D. IT cost calculation
E. Trace network analysis Answer: ABCDE

2. Which three statements best describe Cisco Application Networking Manager(ANM)? (Choose three)
A. Cisco ANM can manage virtual products and management-level domains through a number of Cisco ACE modules
B. Be able to discover, deploy, monitor and report a number of virtual products on Cisco ACE modules
C. Accomplish completely transparent deployment
D. The speed is low in the implementation process. Answer: ABC

3. Which installation requirement is for Cisco ANM?
A. Windows 2003 Server 2 GB RAM 120 GB HD
B. Windows NT 4.1 2 GB RAM 50 GB HD
C. Ubuntu Linux Server 7.0 4GB RAM 80 GB HD
D. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.5 2 GB RAM
60 GB HD

Answer: D

4. Taking a Cisco ACE Module implementation into consideration, a site survey should first be taken to confirm which two

requirements? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco Catalyst 6509 Switch chassis with an open-fabric-enabled port Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Supervisor Engine 32 Cisco

IOS Software Release 12.2(18)SXF4 or later
B. Cisco Catalyst 4500 Switch chassis with an open-fabric-enabled port Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Supervisor Engine 4 Cisco

IOS Software Release 12.2(31)SGA or later
C. Cisco 7600 Switch chassis with an open-fabric-enabled port Cisco 7600 Series Supervisor Engine 720 Cisco 7600 Series Route

Switch Processor 720 Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(18)SXF4 or later
D. Cisco Catalyst 6506 Switch chassis with an open-fabric-enabled port Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Supervisor Engine 720 Cisco

IOS Software Release 12.2(18)SXF4 or later

Answer: CD

5. A single Cisco ACE 4710 Appliance deals with all data center and the data center traffic. At which traffic level point

will you consider purchasing a second Cisco ACE 4710 Appliance?
A. when the L4 Perf CPS reaches 80,000
B. when the L4 Perf CPS reaches 20,000
C. when the L7 Perf CPS reaches 40,000
D. when the L4 Perf CPS reaches 100,000 Answer: D

6. When configuring a Cisco ACE Module for deployment in an existing Cisco Catalyst 6500 Switch, what is the objective of the

command svclc vlan-group 5 100-102?
A. assigns the VLANs 100-102 to the line card in slot 5 B. groups the VLANs 100-102 into line card group 5
C. allocates the VLANs to be assigned to the Cisco ACE appliance ports

D. creates the VLANs 100-102
Answer: B

7. The output from a Cisco ACE Module show version command is displayed as follows:
loader: Version 12.2[118]
system: Version 3.0(0)A1(2) [build 3.0(0)A1(2) jwilley_23:41:53-2006/06/11_
system image

file: [LCP] disk0:c6ace-t1k9-mz.3.0.0_A1_2.bin
installed license: no feature license is installed
For the following

options, which SLB software version is running on the Cisco ACE Module?

A. 3.0(0)

B. 1.2

C. 12.2

D. 1.18
Answer: B

8. Which statement best describes a redundant installation by use of content switching?

A. It uses GSLB for global site load balancing.

B. It is also called site selection.

C. It only works for TCP-based applications.

D. It provides local redundancy in a single data center.
Answer: D

9. A customer of yours has decided to configure two Cisco ACE Modules in a high-availability solution. This
customer has six

contexts configured and has decided to use the active-active model. How many
fault-tolerant groups will be needed if it

splits its active contexts evenly between both Cisco ACE Modules?

A. 4

B. 8

C. 6
D. 2 Answer: C

10. On the basis of the following options, KAL-AP queries are allowed in a Cisco ACE Module via which type of class map and

policy map?
A. UDP class map and load-balancing policy map
B. Layer 4 class map and Layer 4 policy map
C. KAL-AP class map and KAL-AP policy map
D. management class map and management policy map Answer: D

11. Refer to the following items, KeepAlive-Appliance Protocol is based on which protocol?
A. CAPP over TCP
C. CAPP over IP
D. CAPP over UDP Answer: D

12. You confirm that there may be a problem with the fault-tolerant VLAN. As a first step, which command will be used to

discover if any heartbeats have been missed?
A. ace/admin# show ft stats
B. ace/context# show ft group detail
C. ace/admin# show ft peer detail
D. ace/context# show ft peer detail Answer: A

13. Cisco ACE module allows enterprises to achieve important IT objectives in the field of application
delivery, which items are included? (Select all appropriate) A. Accelerate application performance
B. Improve the availability of application at large
C. Ensure the security of the data center and key services application
D. To promote the combination of data centers by reducing the use amount of servers, Load Balancers and data center firewalls

Answer: ABCD

14. For the following commands, which one would be used to verify that a management policy you created called "remote-mgmt"

has been applied to interface VLAN 231?
A. ace/context# show service-policy interface vlan 231
B. ace/context# show service-policy remote-mgmt
C. ace/context# show interface vlan 231 service-policy
D. ace/context# show policy-map remote-mgmt Answer: B

15. Examine the following options, an existing DNS name server is being replaced with a Cisco GSS. Which IOS license will be

A. Cisco Name Server license
B. Cisco Standard license
C. Cisco Extended license
D. Cisco Network Registrar license Answer: D

16. The Cisco GSS serves as an authoritative name server for one or more domains. When deploying it behind a firewall, for

the following items, which three must be configured on the firewall to permit communication through to it? (Choose three.)
A. DNS queries
B. CDP messages
C. other protocols (FTP, Telnet, SSH, SNMP)
D. keepalive protocol (KAL-AP, ICMP, HTTP, and user defined TCP ports)

Answer: ACD

17. Which three features are of a Cisco ACE virtualization implementation? (Choose three.)
A. separate routing table per context
B. global administration and monitoring
C. separate image versions per context
D. separate management and data resource control per context Answer: ABD

18. Which two descriptions are correct when using a Cisco ACE Module in a typical routed-mode configuration? (Choose two.)
A. The Cisco ACE Module is out of path of the client-server traffic.
B. The Cisco ACE Module is in the path of the client-server traffic.
C. The Cisco ACE Module is assigned only a single VLAN.
D. The Cisco ACE Module's client-side VLAN and the server-side VLAN are separate VLANs on different subnets. Answer: BD

19. A customer environment has the following configuration: 100 separately-managed application servers active/standby high

availability requirement for 10,000 SSL TPS
The customer is looking to migrate to Cisco ACE solely for the features of SLB and SSL. Which solution will be the best one?
A. two Cisco ACE appliances
B. two Cisco ACE modules
C. tour Cisco ACE Appliances
D. a single Cisco ACE module Answer: B

20. A resource class is defined as below: allocated a minimum and maximum of 40% of all resources two member contexts
In this resource class, which two actions will be denied by the OS? (Choose two.)
A. increasing the maximum allocation to unlimited
B. adding additional member contexts
C. increasing the minimum allocation to 60%
D. removing member contexts Answer: BC