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Connectivity loss after upgrade to 4.2.1


Products affected

Appliances with hardware type CE-512 and CE-612

Problem description

The ExtModel Cookie on these devices need to be updated from CE to OE in order to be supported on WAAS 4.2.1. In other words, a CE-512 or CE-612 upgrade to 4.2.1 is currently expected to fail.

How to verify if a device is a CE-512 or CE-612

- On Central Manager GUI go to Manage Devices and check the last collum (Hardware Type)

- On CLI issue the command "show hardware | include ExtModel"

Solution (This procedure can be applied before or after the failed upgrade)

Step 1 Download the WAAS Rescue CDROM ISO file from and burn it on a CD

Step 2 Connect a serial console to the WAE appliance to be upgraded and use the console for the following steps.

Step 3 Insert the WAAS CD-ROM in the CD drive of the WAE device.

Step 4 Reboot the WAE. After the WAE boots, you see the following menu:

Installer Main Menu:

     1. Configure Network

     2. Manufacture flash

     3. Install flash cookie

     4. Install flash image from network

     5. Install flash image from cdrom

     6. Install flash image from disk

     7. Recreate RAID device (WAE-674/7341/7371 only)

     8. Wipe out disks and install .bin image

     9. Exit (Eject and reboot)

Choice [0]:

Step 5 Choose option 2 to prepare the flash memory.

This step prepares a cookie for the device and also retrieves the network configuration that was being used by the WAAS software. This network configuration is stored in the flash memory and is used to configure the network when the WAAS software boots up after installation.

Step 6 Choose option 3 to install the flash cookie that you prepared in the previous step.

Step 7 Choose option 5 to install the flash image from the CD-ROM.