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Quick Start Guide :: ASA Cluster on Nexus


** NOTE :: please download the QSG PowerPoint file (pptx) attached below: as the website tool is capturing the first part of the animation and skewing the slides. **

This Quick Start Guide (QSG) is a Cookbook style guide to Deploying Data Center technologies with end-to-end configurations for several commonly deployed architectures.

This presentation will provide end-to-end configurations mapped directly to commonly deployed data center architecture topologies. In this cookbook style; quick start guide; configurations are broken down in an animated step-by-step process to a complete end-to-end good clean configuration based on Cisco's best practices and strong recommendations. Each QSG will contain set the stage content, technology component definitions, recommended best practices, and more importantly different scenario data center topologies mapped directly to complete end-to-end configurations. These QSG's are geared for training network engineers, network operators, and data center architects to allow them to quickly and effectively deploy these technologies in their data center infrastructure based on proven commonly deployed designs.


Tks a lot! Very usedful!

Cisco Employee

what if the ASAs run in single context mode.

Is the config from the ASA side the same where cluster config is needed?

Community Member

Thanks a lot.

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