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Updates in Cisco Prime Service Catalog Platform Compatibility Matrix


As any IT professionals know, OS and platform technology vendors have been updating their software, and putting older versions into obsolescence, with a quickening pace.

The Cisco Prime Service Catalog team wants to bring the attention of our customer that we have updated our platform compatibility matrix in version 10.1 in November 2014, and further updates are coming in version 11.0, due April 2015.

The platform compatibility matrix document for Prime Service Catalog 10.1 is posted on

Changes in Prime Service Catalog 11.0 platform compatibility matrix:

  • Supported IE version moved to IE11
  • Supported Oracle version moved to Oracle 12c 
  • Supported Windows OS version moved to Windows 2012 R2 (and IIS 8, AD 2012)
  • Supported Linux version moved to RHEL 7 and OpenJDK 7

These will be officially published in a document similar to that of 10.1 when version 11.0 is generally available.