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WAAS Express Central Manager Alarms and Debugging




This document explains the alarms in Central Manager for WAAS Express when the device state goes offline. This document shows the reason and the action to be taken when a alarm is received. Do not delete device from Central Manager GUI and register again; as Central Manager will lose historical stats if device is deleted.


WAAS Express is WAAS functionality built into IOS running on a device such as a router. The WAAS Central Manager can manage a WAAS Express device along with other WAAS devices in the WAAS network. This article describes how to troubleshoot WAAS Express device operation.

Note: WAAS Express Central Manager support was introduced in WAAS version 4.3.1. This section is not applicable to earlier WAAS versions.


WAAS Express

Cisco WAAS Express is fully interoperable with WAAS on Cisco Services Ready Engine service modules (SM-SRE), WAAS appliances, and can be managed by a common WAAS Central Manager. WAAS Express requires a Wide-Area Application Virtualization Engine (WAVE) as a peer device, running WAAS Version 4.4.3c.9 or higher, at the data center. WAAS Express requires no additional hardware, assuming that the maximum memory is installed on the device. WAAS Express uses the device's CPU and memory for optimization. WAAS Express is supported on Cisco ISR G2 devices only.


WAAS Offline Alarms


The WAAS Express device may go to an offline state in the Central Manager because of the following issues:


a) Authentication failed while communicating with WAAS Express device.


Reason: Given WAAS Express Credentials at system level/device group level/device level are not correct.


Action: If the device has credentials different from device group level/system level, go to device level WAAS Express Credentials page and enter correct values.


b) Central Manager does not have WAAS Express device Credentials.


Reason: User did not configured WAAS Express credentials from system/device group/device level pages. Central Manager needs the WAAS Express username and password to communicate with the WAAS Express device


Action: Enter WAAS Express credentials from system/device group/device level page.


c) No route to WAAS Express device.


Reason: Central Manager is not able to reach the WAAS Express device.


Action: Enter management IP address from device level activation page and then choose DeviceName > Activation.


d) Connection is refused by WAAS Express device.


Reason: HTTPS server is not running at default port 443.


Action: Execute “show ip http server secure status” command on WAAS Express device and find the port at which HTTPS server is running. Update the management port number for this device from device level activation page.


e) WAAS support is not available on WAAS Express device.


Reason: Device does not have 15.1(3)T or higher version


Action: Install 15.1(3)T or 15.2(2) T IOS image. Preferred version is 15.2(2)T.


f) Connection timed out while communication with WAAS Express device.


Reason: WAAS Express is taking more than 30 sec to respond back.


Action: Check network connectivity and/or WAAS Express CPU utilization.


g) SSL connection closed incorrectly while communicating with WAAS Express device.


Reason: WAAS Express is not accepting request from Central Manager.


Action: Collect Central Manager sysreport and syslogs with debug enabled from WAAS Express device. Make sure that cipher sets are correct on WAAS Express and Central Manager


h) SSH Handshake failed while communicating with WAAS Express device.


Reason: Certificate on WAAS Express is modified after registering with Central Manager.


Action: Reimport WAAS Express certificate from Central Manager GUI, device level certificate page.


i) Failed to check the status of WAAS Express device.


Reason: Configuration and status given by WAAS Express is not compatible with Central Manager image version or the Central Manager is not receiving configuration status from the WAAS Express device.


j) Management Status is offline.


Reason: Unknown.


Action: Go to Central Manager debugshell and check errorlog/cms_log.current to identify the issue.


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