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Webex Recordings of IAC Technical Presentation Series: Multi-Cloud Accelerator Kit for IAC 3.1.1


Derek Evan lead a series of three presentations on Multi-Cloud Acceleration Kit for IAC 3.1.1. Here are the recodings:

1) Derek provided an Overview of MCAK on March 28, 2013 to walk us through what feature does the MCAK offer.

  • The recording can be accessed here
  • The powerpoint file for this presentation can be found here

2) Derek provided a demo and deeper-dive on April 11, 2013.

  • The recording can be found here

3) This is a free-form Q&A session lead by Derek on Apr. 24, 2013. He also provided a preview of a new document that he is working on: "Multi-Cloud Platform Extension Guide".

  • The recording can be found here
  • The powerpoint will be posted to this community site once completed.

For your convenience, the MCAK can be downloaded here

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