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Transforming Day 2 Ops with Cisco data center network assurance and insights

Cisco Employee
Cisco Virtual Event

Transforming Day 2 Ops with Cisco Data Center Network Assurance and Insights

Live webinar: Network Insider Series

Wednesday, July 15, 2020
10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time
(San Francisco, GTM -08:00)
Driven by the growth of applications, deluge of data and the imperative of digital transformation, enterprise IT is under unprecedented pressure to align with strategic business objectives and rapidly deliver business outcomes. As a result, network operations must be capable of using automation to deliver services faster, provide real-time intelligence to increase operational agility, and to reduce the time required to troubleshoot and remediate issues and prevent unplanned outages.

In this interactive live webinar, you'll join Cisco subject matter experts as they:
Share how Cisco Data Center Network Assurance and Insights addresses critical needs for Day 2 Ops;
Demo the powerful apps that comprise the Day 2 ops suite; and
Unpack key use cases.
You'll also learn how to take advantage of Cisco's Day 2 Ops suite through Cisco's Data Center Networking software subscriptions.
As always, a live Q&A will follow.

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