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Webinar: Enabling Proactive IT in an Evolving Business Climate

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Cisco Virtual Event

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Register today for the April 28th Data Center webinar Enabling Proactive IT in an Evolving Business Climate.

Striving to become a proactive IT organization? One that controls costs, optimizes resources, and stays ahead of customer needs? It’s a stretch goal for most—even under optimal circumstances. So how do you approach it now—when the circumstances are decidedly not optimal?  

In the next edition of the Data Center Downloads webinar series we’ll explain how Cisco Workload Optimization Manager (CWOM) can help IT teams like yours become proactive and successfully navigate unpredictable spikes in demand and ensure application performance by providing real-time visibility into your on-prem and cloud infrastructure and workloads. 

Attend this webinar to learn how CWOM will enable your team:

  • Continuously optimize critical IT resources for more efficient use of existing infrastructure and lower operational costs
  • Avoid application performance issues with proactive scenario planning capabilities that take the guesswork out of IT resource allocation
  • Control public cloud costs with automated selection of cloud instances, reserved instances (RIs), relational databases, and storage tiers based on workload consumption and optimal costs.
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