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Give Your CLUS Agenda a Boost - June 11 Edition

Cisco Employee
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Day 1 is done! If you're thinking about dinner plans, we hear San Diego has great food. While you're waiting for your first shot of tequlia table, keep building your Cisco Live agenda! There are more great sessions still open for tomorrow, June 11. Here are some we recommend:

Data Center Networking

  • BRKACI-2040: A Multicloud Segmentation Journey through Big Data with Tetration
  • BRKACI-2645: ACI Troubleshooting: VMware vDS VMM Integration
  • BRKDCN-2011: NetDevOps: How Programmability & Automation Can Assist with Day 2 Ops in the Data Center
  • BRKDCN-2125: Overlay Management & Visibility with VXLAN
  • BRKDCN-2284: Best Practices for Designing Tetration Scopes for End Host Enforcement
  • BRKDCN-2494: NVMe and NVMe over Fabrics Deep Dive
  • BRKDCN-2609: Leverage Machine Learning for Network Analytics
  • PSODCN-1040: Managing the Anywhere Data Center

Data Center Compute

  • BRKCLD-1000: Solving Business Challenges, Gaining Competitive Advantage with Cisco & Microsoft Azure Stack
  • BRKCLD-1009: Microservice Applications for Infrastructure People
  • BRKINI-2634: HyperFlex Data Protection Deep Dive
  • PSODCN-2434: There is Nothing Centered about the Hyperconverged Data Center Anymore with HyperFlex Anywhere & Intersight
  • PSODCN-2435: Accelerating the Journey to Digital Transformation with One of the World's Largest Energy Enterprises

Multicloud & Security

  • BRKCLD-2005: Enabling Enteprise Containers for a Multicloud World
  • BRKCLD-2215: How to be a Hybrid Cloud-Ready IT Department
  • BRKCLD-2826: DevOps with CloudCenter and Kubernetes in a Multicloud Environment
  • PSOCLD-1040: Manage Kubernetes Clusters on Premises and in AWS with One Solution

Other Notable Sessions

  • BRKGEN-1005: Deploying Enterprise Blockchains
  • BRKGEN-1030: dCloud Deconstructed - Inside the World's Premier Demonstration Platform
  • PSOGEN-1014: AIOps: the Life Preserver for ITOps
  • PSOGEN-1022: Reimagining Health IT - A New Standard for Measuring Hospital Infrastructure Adoption
  • PSOGEN-1024: Industry 4.0
  • PSOGEN-1160: Modernizing the Mission

As you finalize your schedule, refer to the Week at a Glance to ensure you are not missing any of the major events. There is still time to make adjustments to your schedule, view the session catalog.

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Even some of the social media team members are old enough to remember this.Even some of the social media team members are old enough to remember this.Multi-domain controllers that collaborate on policyMulti-domain controllers that collaborate on policy