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10G eth card on Vmware host sometimes goes down

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hello I'm running N1K ver 4.0(4)SV1(3) and is connected to a Cat 4500 10GBase-SR port  (module WS-X4606-X2-E with Onex converters). It happend that randomly (i.e every 2 week) the interface on N1K goes down (on the Cat 4500 side the the interface look like is up). what is strange is that even with shutdown and no shutdown command the interface doesn come up again (on N1K or on Cat4500 side). The only way to brig the interface up again is to restart the Vmware host. Even vem stop, vem start command from Vmware console doesn't work. Does someone had this issues ? suggestions ?

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I've seen this kind of behaviour with Intel X520 DA2 10GbE Double port SFP+ cards installed in Dell R710 servers connected to Cisco Nexus 2232P switches. I couldn't find the root cause of the problem however one workaround I found that usually works is to issue those commands on the ESXi host itself (e.g. for vmnic4) :

esxcfg-nics -r vmnic4

ethtool -r vmnic4

I also reverted from LACP to standard channel group as it appeared to be more stable.

Good luck with this and don't forget to comment here if you find the root cause !


I am seeing a problem running 610 and 710hd Blades with ESX 4.1, 10gb Pass-though and Cisco Nexus switches. What we are seeing is the interface in ESX as showing up, on the pass-though ssh session the link is showing down and on the switch port for the 2k's the link is showing down. Performing a show port link from the ssh session on the pass-though modules seems to bring the link back up. Since the link is showing as up in ESX the VMs try to use that link as well as the Mgmt. port group. Anyone seeing this issue? We are not using MS NLB. This issue typically occurs after a server reboot or port reset. Any root cause to the above?