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8.4.2 EPLD upgrade - nexus 7010 - support Sup2E

Hi All ,


We are planning to go with 8.4.2 version on nexus 7010 with cold reboot from 6.2.20 and would like to know why N7K-SUP2E is not mentioned under supported hardware as we are seeing only SUP2 Module .

Table 3 Supported Modules with the FPGA in Cisco NX-OS Releases 8.4(2)

ModuleFPGA TypeVersion

Cisco Nexus 7000 Supervisor 2





Cisco Nexus 7700 Supervisor 2E



Cisco Nexus 7700 Switch Supervisor 3 Enhanced Module



Installation/Upgrade Guidelines

Noteblank.gif By default, you cannot downgrade EPLD images when you downgrade the NX-OS software release because the EPLD images work with down level versions of the software. For this reason, we do not recommend downgrading EPLD images.

The allow-downgrade option is not supported and it is not available as a command in Cisco NX-OS Release 8.0(1).

You can upgrade EPLDs using CLI commands on the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series switch. By default, EPLD images are not downgraded when you downgrade the NX-OS software release because each EPLD image works with older releases of the software.    >>>> if I want to roll back to 6.2.20 then NO need to downgrade EPLD image to same version , was it Right ? Will all modules funtion with EPLD version of n7700-s2-epld.8.4.2.img even though we revert back to old image ie 6.2.20


Below Two statements are confusing a lot .


Statement 1 :

Follow these guidelines when you upgrade or downgrade EPLDs:


Before you upgrade any EPLD images, be sure that you have updated the Cisco NX-OS operating system to the level required for the images and be sure that you have one of the following EPLD image files:

Cisco NX-OS Release 8.3(1):

blank.gifn7700-s2-epld.8.3.1.imgblank.gif n7700-s3-epld.8.3.1.img 


Statement 2 :


Noteblank.gif- For Cisco NX-OS Release 6.2(10) and later releases it is recommended to perform EPLD upgrade with the current image (version matching the NX-OS release you are upgrading to) before upgrading to Cisco NX-OS Release 8.3(1).


---> Does this means first I need to upgrade n7000-s2-epld.8.4.2.img and after the reload the nexus 7010 with 8.4.2 , was it correct ?

Usually we are following upgrade OS to newer version and then upgrade EPLD images , but here what is the exact meaning of above statement ?

- For releases prior to Cisco NX-OS Release 6.2(10), you need to first upgrade to Cisco NX-OS Release 6.2(10) or later releases and perform EPLD upgrade with the current image (version matching the NX-OS release you are upgrading to) before upgrading to Cisco NX-OS Release 8.3(1).


EPLD upgrade :

Noteblank.gif EPLD and software images for a chassis with Supervisor 2 and Supervisor 2E have “s2” in the image name.


Example 4 Installing EPLD Images in Parallel for Switches with Supervisor 2 or Supervisor 2E Modules

switch# install all epld bootflash:n7000-s2-epld.8.1.1.img parallel
Which method is bet method for 8.4.2 EPLD upgrade on 7010 which had SUP2E , M2 and F2 cards on them .

All installed modules with one module upgraded at a time

install all epld epld_image

All installed modules with the I/O modules upgraded in parallel

install all epld epld_image parallel




Many Thanks ,

Satish Kumar M

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