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93180YC - Jumbo Frames

I feel I have configured this correctly but the interfaces are still showing 1500 MTU. First off, I know that the switch has a default system MTU of 9216. I did set that manually at first, but realized it wasn't necessary so I removed the configuration. I configured the following policy map:


policy-map type network-qos PM-JUMBO

 class type network-qos class-default

  mtu 9216


service qos

service-policy type network-qos  PM-JUMBO


I then see the system inform that this policy is now active. But checking the interface I still see it at 1500. If I manually set the MTU to 9216 it does reflect the change.


Not sure where I could be going wrong with this. It would appear that I have to set this manually for all ports which doesn't seem right to me. 


Also, I would like the same to be configured for the FEX I have hanging off of these 9Ks but I can't seem to find a global config option for this.





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Re: 93180YC - Jumbo Frames


Re: 93180YC - Jumbo Frames

This is the doc I used as a guide. I suppose that setting the policy map doesn’t apply for the 9Ks? Thanks for the link but that doesn’t seem to be working for me.

Re: 93180YC - Jumbo Frames

I think the Nexus 9K supports only per port MTU and the configuration is as described in the doc.
I have configured the MTU as 9216 on an interface and it is working

Re: 93180YC - Jumbo Frames

That’s kinda what I’m gathering as well. The thing that confuses me is the fact that there is a global MTU command that defaults to 9216. I suppose that just means that you are setting the max MTU globally but not actually setting the MTU, which is weird.

So then a follow up question is, what is the difference between setting the MTU on an SVI and setting the MTU on an interface. I know it is the difference between L2 and L3 but seems redundant.


Re: 93180YC - Jumbo Frames

Configuring the MTU on the SVI is same as configuring it on any L3 interface. I think the following external links illustrates it very well. I am assuming the MTU configuration and characteristics specified for N7K would also apply to N9K

Re: 93180YC - Jumbo Frames

Just came across this myself.  The explanation is likely specific to the 93180YC-EX line, as this switch is essentially a rebranded Nexus 5672 which itself is really a Nexus 6k

Jumbo Frames on Nexus 93180YC-EX, 5672UP, and perhaps others




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