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lacp over vpc on nx7702

hi out there   We encountered a problem where a portchannel to a IBM host suddenly died - the link is running as 2 link Portchannel ( ethernet 101/1/11 on nx1 and ethernet 102/1/11 on nx2)  These links are build as portchannel spanning the two nexus ...

tiwang by Participant
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FEX Issue in Nexus93180YC-EX

Fex are showing online in peer-devices (N93180YC-EX) but ports are not showing. Need help to resolve this issue    N93180YC-EX-Peer1# sh int status fex 106--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Port          N...

NX 5K in vpc

Hi Gents,   I need a quick help here...I have an issue with a pair of 5k in vpc. We had a power outage in our colo  DC; therefore, half of the network was down for a while, including one of the controller for the NAS. When power  back up everything s...

Please help me determine the location of PS1 and PS2 on the N2K-C2248TP-1GE device.

Hello everyone, I have a N2K-C2248TP-1GE, its PS1 is broken, but I found on the device that the status lights of the two power supplies are all green, I can't determine which one is PS1, is there a document about The specific location of PS1 and PS...

Rps-Cheers by VIP Collaborator
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Help required for Datacenter planning and implementation - Single Legged Architecture

Hi Team,   I have few queries regarding the planning phase for migration of 5 application/servers from XYZ datacenter to new datacenter which is presented in the diagram. The diagram provided contain the devices which will be used in the DC. We have ...

Resolved! VPC issue with VLANs

Hello I have 2 N9k cores that are vpc peer linked to eachother.  we vpc most of all our switches between the 2 N9ks.  I randomly have run into this issue:          

Amafsha1 by Explorer
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Resolved! Nexus 9k manual failover

Hello   I have just noticed that our "active/standby" N9K pair does not have supervisor modules installed:   VCR1C1R4CS2# show moduleMod Ports Module-Type Model Status--- ----- ------------------------------------- ----------------- ----------1 48 1/...

aok by Beginner
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Nexus Config practice

hi guys, Can anybody guide me on which application i can able to practice the NX-OS features like VDC, vPC etc and Cat-Os VSS? Like in gns we can practice the cisco commands and small network solution. Is there any software wherein we can do the same...